I truly appreciated your dental services. I had an infected painful tooth that needed pulled, but I didn't have the money to do it. Everyone was so kind and courteous. I really expected to get dirty looks, or rushed through because it was free. But that wasn't the way it was. Everyone was so polite, smiling, and made me feel like they cared. This is a wonderful thing that you provide for people. Thank you to all the staff and volunteers!


Thank you for the wonderful treatment!


Very helpful function; was glad I had the opportunity to take advantage of it.

G. Miller

I had a great experience. Staff was friendly and very helpful. I would recommend to anyone.

T. Bilsak

Even the most nervous will have the very best care and service of excellence.

M. Johnson

A Blessing! Thank you for everything!

L. Smyth

You are doing a great job. God Bless You!

D. Laughlin

Thank you! Everything went great!

G. Smith

This is a wonderful service. I work full time, but they offer no dental insurance, so this is a blessing for me! Thank you!

K. Cain

I had a wonderful experience and my Dentist was very nice and I appreciate being able to have been serviced by wonderful people.

J. Lori

God Bless All! Every person I came in contact with were 100% available and caring. It was a pleasure to have such a wonderful Dentist and Assistant who were skilled in all things. Thanks again and God Bless All who participated.

C. Wallace

Super great care. Everyone was professional. I really appreciate this - without the free help I'd be in trouble.


Excellent care. Easiest extraction I ever had. Everyone was awesome!

L. J.

I'm really happy with my teeth! Wonderful experience! Great job!




Extremely well organized event. Volunteers escorting from station to station - you guys rock!


Truly a blessing and prayer answered. Beautiful people. Friendly and compassionate. All angels of mercy and kindness. I tasted Heaven today. Thank you! God Bless All!

R. Garland

Very Good! Need more things like this! Thanks!

T. Davis

Super Professional! 10 out of 10!

Dylan H.

Thank you. Your service was wonderful! All volunteers were extremely friendly.

Alexis J.

This was extremely helpful! I was able to have a root canal done that I would not have been able to afford on my own. Thank you so much for organizing such a great program!

J. Spring

Everyone was wonderful! The whole process was very well organized and efficiently run. Kudos to all the dentists and their crew as well as all of the very helpful volunteers!

L. Cataldo

A blessing the staff in general very attentive and professional dentists excellent attention thank you very much. A deserved 10!

J. Ochoa

Dr. Andy did an amazing job with my extraction! The hygienist Rochelle, was awesome!! Dr. Sarah went out of her way to find the reason my polar would hurt at times when I eat and fix the problem. Thank you for your service!!!

M. Goltz

A wonderful event! Thank you so very much. Everyone was so nice. It was well organized. A special thank you to the triage nurses. You are all angels!

L. Jiron

I received excellent service from start to finish. Thanks everyone!

J. McKinney

I thank God for MOM because they gave me my smile back, and made me feel special.

K. Lewis

It was powerful to be involved; best use of a vacation day in a long time! It's a bit surreal to describe how appreciative everyone was, and all of us will remember that for quite some time!

T. Groody

I procrastinated for years to have this work done not knowing when I'd be able to afford it. This event was a God-send. Sincerely appreciated.

B. Johnson

Thank you. Services were Awesome. Great to myself as well as my two girls.

R. Rodriguez

Thanks so very much for providing this service. It's been years since I have had dental care. You are a blessing to me and this community.

M. Smith-Green

Awesome Doctors. Quick and Painless. Loved it!

J. Myers

God Bless whoever came up with this for the family. Awesome job. Very well appreciated. Thank you All!

T. Harper

From start to finish was fabulous. I am a special event coordinator by trade and this event was very well produced, and my mouth looks pretty again! Thank you all!

A. Beard

A very joyful day! The gratitude our patients showered us with was overwhelming. I am so grateful to have met so many wonderful volunteers and feel so proud to be part of the PA dental community!

L. Gudknecht