Mission Results

MOM-n-PA Reports

Our inaugural two-day mission took place in Philadelphia in 2013.  With the help of 1,001 volunteers, MOM-n-PA provided $850,000.00 in free dental care to 1,820 patients.

Our second mission took place in Allentown, Pennsylvania where we provided care to 2,047 patients and our 1,020 volunteers donated $1,004,179.00 worth of care to those in need.

Our 2015 mission took place in Harrisburg where 976 volunteers provided $875,905.00 worth of care to 1,705 patients.

Our 2016 mission took place in Pittsburgh.  1,008 volunteers and our sponsors provided over $841,959.00 worth of dental care to the underserved!!

In our 2017 mission in Erie,  we had 736 underserved patient visits and donated $600,798.00 worth of dental care!

We had over 1,900 patient visits during our 2018 mission in Reading and we provided over $1,032,359.00 of dental care.  Thank you to the 927 volunteers that served those in need!

Our 2019 mission took place in Wilkes-Barre where we had 1,631 patient visits and provided over $1,196,306 of care!

At our 8th mission in 2021, MOM-n-PA  treated 901 patients at Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry in Philadelphia where we provided $585,429 worth of care to those in need!

Our 9th mission took place in June 2022 at York.  MOM-n-PA treated 728 patients and provided $557,739 worth of dental care!

And our last mission took place in Allentown where our 879 volunteers treated 1,375 patients, did 8528 procedures and donated $1,357,899 dollars of free dental care

As of today, MOM-n-PA has completed over 54,500 procedures on 13,575 patients.  The total value of dental care donated is $8,902,573.00 and we have had over 8,130 volunteers.


For every 100 dollars donated, MOM-n-PA has been able to provide $736 worth of dental care !!!!!  


Survey Responses from Patients

Do you currently have dental pain?

          2015-  586/1422 answered yes  (41.2%)
          2014-  678/1832 answered yes  (37.0%)
          2013-  676/1688 answered yes  (40.0%)
          Average- (39.3%)

We were very surprised that such a high percentage of patients were in pain.  This speaks to the need for more dental care in Pennsylvania.

Have you visited a hospital emergency room for dental pain?

2015-  307/1422 answered yes (21.6%)
2014-  356/1832 answered yes (19.4%)
2013-  221/1000 answered yes (22.1%)
Average- (20.7%)

Again, one in five patients had visited an ER for dental pain, not a good use of healthcare dollars.




When was your last dental visit?

                                                2015          2014          2013

          0-12 months                 39.3%         26%            35.2%
          13- 24 months              17.9%         19%            21.1%        
          over 2 years/never        42.8%         55%            43.7%

It is of interest that an average of 47% of patients seen had not had any type of dental visit for over 2 years.  We did not differentiate between a preventive appointment versus an emergency or a treatment appointment, so the percentage of patients overdue for an exam and prophy in this population is quite alarming!


MOM-n-PA is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization under 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code.  Contributions to MOM-n-PA  are eligible for a tax-deduction to the full extent allowed by law.


Address- MOM-n-PA
                 420 E. Orange Street
                 Shippensburg,PA 17257

Website- www.mom-n-pa.com







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