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Our Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What volunteer positions are available?

Q: Where and when is the event being held?

Q: I'm not a dental health professional - is there a way that I can help?

Q: What are the licensure/insurance requirements for clinical volunteers ?

Q: What is the dental treatment setup like?

Q: Do clinical volunteers need to bring their own equipment, supplies, or instruments?

Q: If I volunteer with a dental assistant employed in my practice, can you coordinate their schedule with mine?

Q: What should I tell individuals interested in obtaining care at MOM-n-PA?

Q: Will MOM-n-PA provide food and snacks for volunteers?

Q: If I can’t volunteer at the event, is there another way I can help MOM-n-PA?

Q: Will my liability insurance cover me?

Q: Will dental or hygiene students be able to treat patients?

Q: Is there a minimum age for volunteers?

Q: Is there a local hotel you recommend?

Q: Will there be designated parking for volunteers?

Q: What should I expect at MOM-n-PA?

Q: Will dental instruments be available or should I bring my own?

Q: Is nitrous oxide available?

Q: What else should I bring?

Q: What should I wear?

Q: Who should I contact if I have a question?


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